Which measure would you choose?

Assume that the coronavirus pandemic has an impact on the gross domestic product, your individual annual income, the duration and extent of exit restrictions and the closure of institutions. How would you decide?

In this survey we ask the participants to think about different decision situations. In every decision situation, participants should choose the scenario which represents the best scenario from the participants’ personal perspective. There are no right or wrong answers, only the opinion of the participants. In each election decision, the participants should choose the alternative that brings the highest benefit. Careful consideration of these choices in the survey is very important for the success of the study. The following is an example of an electoral situation.

The question is: Which scenario would you choose?

Example Choice set in the survey
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In scenario A, events with a maximum of 100 people are permitted if necessary. The decline of the gross domestic product is 5%. There is no decrease in individual annual income. If necessary, a strict curfew will be imposed.

In scenario B, events with a maximum of 5 persons are permitted if necessary. The decline of the gross domestic product is 15%. The decline of the individual annual income is 50%. In case of need, domestic travel restrictions are applied.

In scenario C there are no contact restrictions. There is no decline in the gross domestic product. The decline in individual annual income is 75%. If necessary, the national borders are closed.

For documentation reasons, the study design of the preliminary study can be viewed under the following link: Pre-study choices

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